Life of a Long Distance Sled Dog Musher

An Alaskan Wilderness Adventure, Mushing Dogs and Racing Iditarod

Burt's Iditarod Alaska

A True Adventure
 in the Alaska Wilderness

“Suddenly, the ice lurched downward as … though the sled was going to break through into the deep, rushing water below. The ice was too thin to support us. A quick glance back showed water in the path we had just traveled. We were about to plunge through. . . . I whistled and called urgently for the dogs to pick it up fast. The ice…continued to crackle and pop and settle as the heavy sled followed the now fast-moving team. …The dogs … adjusted their pace … knowing that any extra jolting could send us all into an icy grave.”

Bomhoff writes with candor and humor. Experience the excitement, the adventure, and the fun of dog mushing across Alaska! Ride along as he evolves from rookie to finisher of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race – the LAST GREAT RACE ON EARTH!

Burt's Iditarod Alaska is a must read for all who love adventure, the mystic of Alaska, sled dogs and who love the Iditarod race.

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