Life of a Long Distance Sled Dog Musher

An Alaskan Wilderness Adventure, Mushing Dogs and Racing Iditarod

Burt Bomhoff
is a typical Alaskan character in that there is not much typical 
about him. Businessman and musher, Burt placed respectably in the Iditarod and was friends with Joe Redington Sr. and Col. Norman Vaughn
during an important era of the race. He also did a stint as President of the Iditarod Trail Committee, putting his business experience to work for the race.

I met Burt when we were both running the 1981 Iditarod. It was my second time in the race, Burt’s first Iditarod. He has a hair-raising story about heading up the river instead of jumping off to the buffalo tunnels out of Rohn that year, open water, getting lost and drenched. Jeff King, Martin Buser, and DeeDee Jonrowe were a few of the mushers just starting to race about this
time, and the memoir has some great stories about other mushers from those days as well, characters like Gene Leonard.

Burt’s memoir gives a taste of training for the Iditarod and racing during those days when Joe Redington was busy trying to create as many Iditarod addicts as possible. It has some great mushing stories and race fans will recognize many of the racers that are part of these tales. It offers another take on why people are crazy enough to want to run the Iditarod, and the connection that many of us have to the spirit of the old timers that traveled the trails in days gone by.

This memoir has some great stories and good laughs that I think all Iditarod fans will enjoy, 

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from the days when we actually used our snowshoes and had time to make campfires.                           
Libby Riddles

Libby Riddles, 1985 champion, is the first woman to win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Libby left the other teams behind by forging into the teeth of a raging arctic blizzard out of Shaktoolik during the 1985 race.
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