Life of a Long Distance Sled Dog Musher

An Alaskan Wilderness Adventure, Mushing Dogs and Racing Iditarod


For many, Alaska’s golden years were at the turn of the last century when gold miners and fur traders plied the rivers and trails of this great Alaska in search of adventure and fortune. Men, tough guys who had character, traveled by foot, riverboat and dog team through a land where few could survive, much less thrive.

It wasn’t just the adventure; it was the grandeur of Alaska, the deep woods, the open tundra and the rugged mountains. And it was also the life that meant so much. The fellowship of friends sitting around a campfire talking of things simple but important, things of the deep woods where the wolves howled and the northern lights danced across a clear, black, star studded sky.      

This same life, these people and the husky sled dogs were found along the Iditarod race trail during the 1980’s. Burt describes the life in a small wilderness cabin, the comradery of friends around a campfire, the dogs, the characters and the great Alaska wilderness. It brings back fond memories for us who lived it and tells in detail of these great times for others who want to know what it was really like.

Reading Iditarod Alaska:
Life of a Long Distance Sled Dog Musher, took me back to our family’s small cabin, deep in the caribou hills with my son Tim, still just a boy, talking quietly, our dogs tethered in the solitude outside and a wood fire crackling hot in the stove. Those are a dog man’s fondest memories. 

Dean Osmar

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Dean Osmar won the 1984 Iditarod race after only one previous attempt. He has been a commercial set net fisherman since he began helping his dad along the shores of Cook Inlet at the age of 10.

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